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Sep 26, 2008

tEarn Exitmericals, the Simplest Advertising Buy

tEarn introduced exitmercials, the pioneering approach for inexpensive, high ROI advertising. It's also the simplest, self-service network.

$20 Trial Buy

You push 400 visitors to your website for $20. Imagine an instant conference with 400 qualified attendees listening exclusively to your pitch. 

You don't even enter a credit card number. Use your accounts at Amazon, Google, or Paypal. Just enter your website domain name and click approve.
  • Website name
  • Approve
You're done. 

tEarn Does the Heavy Lifting

Look at the work you saved.
  • No banner, no keywords. No search engine optimization.
  • No creative efforts to trick visitors into clicking - just count the extra views on your website (or any webpage.)
  • tEarn qualifies viewers. We deliver the serious customers to a website; and skip the visitors who hop in and out.
  • We present your website as an ad. It's frontmost and the exclusive ad on the page. 
  • You pay only when a visitor views that exclusive ad; not on delivery to a cluttered page where we only guess the actual number of views.
  • We make sure your webpage look great on any screen, from laptops to desktops, PC's to Mac's, iPhones to 60" LCD displays, and with dozens of browsers and versions.
  • We limit ad deliveries to those who block 'cookies.' You don't waste money on customers who respond badly to advertising.
  • We make sure your ad is only shown once per day per user. You don't waste repeated views to the same person.
In minutes, you get the hits you want. 

Full Campaigns

Of course, we want you to learn about all the other possibilities that tEarn offers. Targeting by microchannels, video ads, rich media ads, interactive engagement, animated fanfold images that adapt magazine creatives to online presentation - you work with your creative agencies, consultants, and webmasters to drive the right customer to your website, build the right image, and win them as repeat customers.

The $20 trial campaign is not a special. We encourage regular testing of campaigns so that every advertiser gains maximum return on their advertising budget.

A single buy targets millions across hundreds of publishers.

Learn Simplicity

Put the power of exitmercials to work for you. Visit http://ady.tEarn.com/, sign up, and approve your trial buy. 

Learn simplicity. 

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  1. A few things for you to keep in mind while designing your next advertisement. Remember, the true test is always in your own customers response to your advertising. If they buy - then it is right for them. If not, test another variation.
    social advertising


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