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Sep 26, 2008

Installing tEarn into Dreamweaver Templates, Adobe

Dreamweaver, from Adobe, uses templates for controlling the common parts of a website, such as the header, sidebar, and footer. 

To create a template for a new website, here is a tutorial.

About Dreamweaver Templates

To install the tEarn tag into one or more templates, note the following:

How to Modify & Update a Dreamweaver Template?

So you have made the template and the pages using it. How do you modify the common elements of your template pages? All you need to do is make your changes to the dreamweaver template and save it. All pages are automatically updated on request. Simple!

Tip: Use Server Side Includes in your Dreamweaver Template

We highly recommend the use of Server Side Includes (SSI) with dreamweaver templates for large websites. Include files save you the trouble of updating and uploading numerous pages having the same content. For example in your dreamweaver web site if you navigation links are in an include file you can change your navigation at any time and will have to upload only that single include file. Read our free tutorial on SSI.

Copy Tag from tEarn
  1. Create a tEarn Account
  2. Setup your Publisher Profile. Reference the FAQ for advanced settings.
  3. Copy your Tag to the Clipboard. See step 3 on the page.
Paste into Dreamweaver

Whether you choose the SSI or template method, here are the steps to insert the code.
  1. Open your master template. (If you have more than one, repeat these steps for each template)
  2. Make sure the template is in the CODE mode for pasting HTML code.
  3. Place your data cursor on any fixed part of the master template. This includes the header, sidebar, or footer. Since the tEarn code has no visible footprint, the code can be inserted in any part of the template, including the HEAD part of the template.
  4. Paste your Tag from the Clipboard and Save
Test the code by clicking any link that exits your blog. Monitor your results at http://tEarn.com/.

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