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Sep 26, 2008

Google to supply Bloomberg TV with ads

Google expands its television ad platform with Bloomberg TV

Advertising is perhaps now the key element to Google. One could even make the argument that it’s even more vital to the company now than its core product, search, is. After all, if someone pulled the plug on Google’s AdSense and AdWords revenues, the company would be a shadow of itself. That’s why it continues to diversify its advertising projects.

Television is a particularly important space when it comes to advertising, and today, Google has announced a partnership with Bloomberg TV to supply ads for the channel. This follows deals Google has with NBC Universal (select channels) and Dish Network in the television space...

Google to supply Bloomberg TV with ads

Posted by Stephen Shanklan

Google has found another partner to use its system for supplying television advertising: Bloomberg TV.

The two companies announced the partnership Thursday, touting the ad success measurement abilities that Google has benefited from with its core search-ad business and is emphasizing as a way to get ahead over other ad mechanisms for TV. "We're pleased to be partnering with Bloomberg Television to continue to make TV advertising more relevant and measurable," said Mike Steib, director of Google TV ads, in a statement.

Google TV ad technology can tell advertisers which ads the audience is watching second by second. The technology uses data from millions of anonymized set-top boxes, Google said. And as with Google's search ads, for which advertisers pay only when users click, TV ads incur costs based on impressions actually delivered.

Google is trying to branch out from its dominant business selling ads that appear next to search results. It's got efforts to penetrate traditional media--radio and print as well as TV--and to compete better in online graphical display ads as well.

Other Google ad partners include NBC Universal and Dish Network.

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