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Sep 5, 2008

Invitation to Join the tEarn Beta2 Exitmercial Network

Invitation to Join the tEarn Beta2 Exitmercial Network

tEarn, (i.e. target, Earn) a technology company pioneering a new approach to brand advertising, unveils its beta advertising community offering. 
Success of the tEarn community promises:

1. 50 to 100 times higher eCPMs for publishers and bloggers 
2. lower CPC and multi-fold ROI improvements for buyers

Over 50 significant, out-of-the-box innovations enable this new marketplace. Some of these changes include:
  • AdPacks of full page, multimedia exitmercial advertising
  • Relevance methods that monitor a publication's social graph 
  • Targeting organized into thousands of dynamic microchannels
  • 3Dstats for monitoring ROI significance
  • Complete user privacy
tEarn has completed beta1 test with publishers and is open for limited testing by the next 100 publishers. Beta2 ads are demo, unpaid ads designed for browser, multimedia, and user testing. Beta2 publishers gain a listing and link on our pioneer page; and 3Dstats view of your web traffic. Sign-up, tag your site, and help us monitor and debug the early statistics. Thank you for tolerating the dust during the construction phase. 

Learn more at ady.tearn.com.
  • eCPM is effective Cost Per Mille or Thousand pages
  • CPC is Cost Per Click
  • ROI is Return on Investment
  • AdPacks, 3Dstats are the trademarks of tEarn, Inc. Exitmercial is not trademarked.

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