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Nov 1, 2008

Installing tEarn on WordPress 1.x/2.x

Note: The following instructions are not for use with blogs hosted at WordPress.com or any WordPress MU–powered installation.

tEarn's exitmercial services are delivered at your site via the tEarn script. Once you’ve installed tEarn code on your site, you can control the tEarn service from your tEarn Control Panel. The code connects tEarn and your WordPress, so adding exitmercials to your blog couldn’t be easier!

To add tEarn to a WordPress-powered blog, you’ll need to insert a small piece of code in your templates. Fortunately, this is easy — follow these steps.

  1. Create an account at tEarn for your blog and copy your tEarn code.

    Sign in to your WordPress Admin dashboard.

  2. Click the Presentation tab, then the Theme Editor sub-tab. You should see a dropdown menu of installed themes and a list of template files associated with the currently selected theme to the right of the editor. The remainder of this example assumes use of the WordPress Default theme.

    wordpress 2 dashboard

  3. Click Main Index Template in the list of template files. Its contents load in the editor. (For WordPress 1.5: “Main Template”)

  4. Paste the code you copied in step 1 in the body of the template. We recommend the line following the BODY tag. It can also be inserted before the closing BODY tag.

  5. Click Update File » to save your changes. 

The tEarn tag has no visible parts on your page. Click on links that exit your blog to test. Use your tEarn Control Panel to monitor results. 

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