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May 15, 2008

NEWS: Meet Carl Icahn's Yahoo (YHOO) Board: Icahn, Frank Biondi, Mark Cuban, Seven More

Ed: Mr. Icahn after control of Yahoo. Is this about Yahoo, or 'Sex, Money, Power?'

Icahn To Announce Full Yahoo (YHOO) Board Slate, Raise Hell*

carl-icahn.jpgJerry Yang's nightmare won't end. Billionaire investor/agitator Carl Icahn has decided to file a board slate for Yahoo (YHOO), sources tell Reuters.

Biting the hand that feeds you: Cuban v Yahoo

...slate Carl Icahn wants to put on Yahoo's board of directors. CNET News.com - Business Tech

It's Official: Icahn Takes on Yahoo

...Carl Icahn is going after Yahoo. The multi-billionaire corporate raider is nominating himself and 9 others to the board which, he said, had had an "irrational" reaction to the Microsoft takeover bid. Wired Top Stories 

Meet Carl Icahn's Yahoo (YHOO) Board: Icahn, Frank Biondi, Mark Cuban, Seven More

...Carl Icahn does have a sense of humor: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban -- the guy who milked Yahoo for $5.7 billion for Broadcast.com at the height of bubble 1.0 -- could be among the ten directors in charge of packing Yahoo (YHOO) up for a sale to Microsoft (MSFT), the WSJ reports. Cuban is among the ten directors that billionaire investor/co... Silicon Alley Insider 
...activist Carl Icahn on Thursday formally announced that he is launching a proxy fight and has formed a 10-member slate in an effort to unseat Yahoo's current board at the company's annual shareholders meeting on July 3. Icahn, who stated he has acquired roughly 59 million ... CNET News.com | Tech news blog

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