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May 20, 2008

STATS: Top 10 US Social-Network and Blog-Site Rankings Issued for April

Top 10 US Social-Network and Blog-Site Rankings Issued for April

Top US social-networking site MySpace.com’s audience was up 3% in April compared with April ‘07, but second-place Facebook’s was up 56% from a year earlier, according to custom lists compiled by Nielsen Online.

LinkedIn, continuing its stellar growth, increased its unique audience a whopping 361% from a year earlier, reaching nearly 8.7 million in April, compared with less than 1.9 million a year earlier - and retaining its No. 4 position after having unseated Windows Live Spaces in March to take its spot.


MySpace’s unique audience totaled 58.8 million in April, compared with No. 2 Facebook’s 22.5 million.

Top 10 Blog Sites

Google’s Blogger remained atop the blog site rankings with 38.4 million unique visitors, up 40% from 27.4 million in April ‘07:


WordPress was again up - an impressive 160% from April ‘07 - increasing its unique audience to 16.6 million.

Seventh-place HuffingtonPost.com also maintained its impressive growth - 99% - from a year earlier, but dropped down from it fifth-place ranking in March.

Meanwhile, AOL Sports blog The FanHouse moved up one spot, to the No. 5 position, after having entered the top 10 - for the first time - in March. It had 5.7 million unique visitors in April, compared with nearly 4.4 million in March.

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