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Aug 12, 2008

Yahoo: Crouching Strategy, Hidden Costs Cuts?

Ed: Whether technical, marketing, or financial, it's about execution.

Yahoo: Crouching Strategy, Hidden Costs Cuts?

Buried deep in a recent New York Times profile of Yahoo Co-Founder and CEO Jerry Yang were largely unexplained references to the names of two new initiatives now taking place within the ranks of Yahoo management.

Curiously called Aikido and Judo, after the two best-known forms of Japanese martial arts, they are, in fact, yet another round of navel-gazing strategy overview efforts, aimed at assessing how Yahoo operates its consumer and advertising businesses.

Aikido focuses on Yahoo’s consumer products, while Judo relates to how Yahoo interacts with advertising clients.

And, according to several sources within the company, besides more efforts to streamline Yahoo (YHOO) in both arenas, Aikido and Judo are more specifically looking at what cuts the company can make to meet aggressive financial goals it promised when trying to rebuff a now-defunct takeover bid by Microsoft (MSFT)...

Systemwide GMail Outage

Gmail is having a systemwide outage affecting multiple countries, and a whole bunch of its 100 million users are screaming about it on Twitter. Around 20 million people visit Gmail each day, according to Comscore, and they’re all seeing the same message. The first outages were reported at about 2 pm PST, 44 minutes ago. The Gmail blog is silent on the outage, instead giving readers some useful tips on customizing web clips...

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