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Sep 30, 2008

YouTube Now Offering Second-by-Second Analytics

YouTube Now Offering Second-by-Second Analytics

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick 

YouTube announced today an interesting addition to its Insights analytics dashboard. Called "Hot Spots," the feature displays the "bounce rate" of viewers in any publisher's video on a second-by-second scale.
Wondering if that joke you told went over well or not? YouTube will now tell you if a substantial number of viewers clicked away from your content at the moment your wisecrack went live.

The Insights analytics tool launched in May and offers free demographic data about viewers. We'd love to see these two features combined. Worried something you said might come across as sexist? If a whole lot of women stopped watching right after you said it - there might be some truth to that! (Who are we kidding? This is YouTube we're talking about.)...

Numbers are cool - benchmarks relative to the numbers of other related content are even cooler. That's the kind of thing that no video startup could meaningfully offer - just YouTube with its giant network effect and perhaps some of the other giant video services.


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