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Oct 1, 2008

tEarn Exitmercial Beta3

This is my third Internet start-up. 

  • The first took two years to reach the one million pages milestone. That was 1995.
  • The second took 6 months to break one million. That was 2006.
  • tEarn has broken the barrier in 30 days.
By the end of October, our pipeline of projects will be delivering one million per day - maybe multiple millions. 

What's up with beta3?

Recap of Exitmericals

An exitmercial is an adpack that shows on exit from a website. We use the time needed to load the next page to show ads - video, flash, full page images, websites. These out-of-the-box methods completely change the economics of online advertising. 
  • The ad is full page, exclusive dominance of the page
  • The ads are targeted, delivered to qualified readers
  • Pricing is CPV - paid when viewed, not just delivered
Publishers benefit from eCPM that finally make the online component a cash cow business. Advertisers benefit from a product that finally works for them. With 50 significant innovations, we've made it simple for publishers and advertisers to participate.

Trial Ads for $20

For Beta3, we've simplified ad buying. To help advertisers discover the benefits of exitmercials, we've designed the least friction, self-service website. Take a quick read of this PowerPoint.

What's Next?

We'll be announcing a formal release with our partners. It seems the technical crews work faster in these big companies, compared to the legal and marketing staff. 

With respect to our technology, we're making changes daily. Fortunately, our software platform is complete and robust - allowing us to be responsive to our partners. Stay tuned for streaming news.

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