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Oct 3, 2008

tEarn Exitmercial Cuts Transaction Time by 50 Milliseconds

Our engineers have trimmed another 50 milliseconds off each transaction time. Why is 1/20th of a second so important?

tEarn Exitmercials

The tEarn exitmercial platform monitors websites for publishers and bloggers, determines the relevancy of a visitor to a website in realtime, and delivers exitmercials relevant to the qualified readers. Our technology is a break-through for delivering high valued advertising that benefits both advertisers and publishers.

Speed is Everything

Our system depends on fast, sophisticated processing that analyzes the second-by-second actions on a page, makes the right decisions, and delivers results - without disrupting the user experience. 

Starting with beta1, we've been silenting working with the fastest transaction engine that delivers in 150 milliseconds. This compares to Google Analytics that uses 400 milliseconds to report or AdWord that uses more than 400 milliseconds to deliver one set of classified ads.

For beta3, our engineers sliced another 50 seconds from the average transaction time.

Why is Speed Important?

Good question. Like Google Search that delivers quickly, we believe speed matters. Faster speed means:
  • Less delay
  • Scale to billions without hurting the user experience
  • Greater accuracy of recorded data (Google Analytics is notorious for undercounting.)
We're proud of our engineers and encourage them to continue the innovations that bring good change to online advertising.

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