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Oct 1, 2008

Look Who's On Top for 'Economics of Advertising'

Ed: After 8 months and 1,000 posts extracted from 10,000 articles, guess who is number one on the new Blog Search from Google?

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"Pre-emptive Rounds"
6 hours ago by effective cpms  
Looks like they're battening down the hatches: Social-network apphaus Gigya has raised $11 million in a Series C funding round led by DAG Ventures. President and co-founder Rooly Eliezerov called it a "pre-emptive round" in a release ...
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New York Computer Science and Economics Day (NYCE Day), Oct 3 2008
7 hours ago by joly  
The revenue generated by advertising provides incentives for online publishers to create high-quality content. The problem of allocating advertisements to online page views is extraordinarily complex. On search engines, millions of ...
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TechCrunch50 and Demo 72
9 Sep 2008 by Editor  
Burt (CB) — Collects user data to tailor individual advertising campaigns and target users more effectively; Adgregate Markets (CB) — Brings online stores to consumers through a display ad that is a fully transactional widget ...
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Google Launches Its Own Memetracker

Google has just launched a new homepage for its blog search that bears a strong resemblance to TechmemeMemeorandum and their “memetracker” counterparts. The site displays a listing of the top stories from across a variety of topics including business, politics, technology, and entertainment.

Memetrackers identify emerging trends on the web, especially across blogs. They are often the best way to learn about breaking news stories, as they can automatically monitor hundreds (or more) news sources at once. Major news outlets and user-submitted content sites like Digg often trail memetrackers by days...

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