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Oct 3, 2008

Newsroom revamp and redesign for Tampa Tribune

US: Newsroom revamp and redesign for Tampa Tribune

Following a raft of job cuts at the long-standing regional newspaper, the Editor, Janet Coats, has announced that the Tampa Tribune will be undergoing a redesign and newsroom revamp and merge for Tribune, WFLA-Ch. 8 and TBO.com.

For the newsroom, the focus will be web-first and a new plan to work as one newsroom for the newspaper and its stable mates. Editor Coats said. "It's kind of a return to a lot of newsroom structures we tried in the '90s, but didn't put a lot of energy into. It's a different way of looking at the data we gather."

The new Tribune/WFLA/TBO.com newsroom has been separated into several subject areas: data, deadline, watchdog journalism, personal journalism and grassroots. When a story breaks, staffers from the deadline area work to gather material for the Web site first, while the other teams will develop plans for their own stories.

Coats' wants the focus to be on delivering information to consumers in whatever form they may need it.

Few details are available on the newspaper redesign, which is due to launch Monday. Essentially, however, the newspaper will be slimming down its weekday edition and expanding its Sunday newspaper, where Coats feels readers have more time to enjoy a newspaper.

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