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Feb 8, 2008

NEWS: Social Influence Marketing: Strategies & Tactics to Win Customers

Social Influence Marketing: Strategies & Tactics to Win Customers
by shivsingh on 28 February 2008, 20:01 0 comments , 350 views

Consumers have always been heavily influenced by each other when they make purchasing decision. They ask each other for advice, they observe and mimic each other’s decision making, and frankly they let peer pressure inform their decisions whether they like to admit it. ... This influence occurs in three ways:

  • Compliance: an individual agrees with a point of view and acts in a specific way in order to achieve a favorable reaction among his or her peers.
  • Identification: a person acts a certain way in front of a group because she believes in what she says, and belonging to a group is important to her.
  • Internalization: your views are truly altered beyond the relationship with the group.
Social Behavior Stat Snippets
  • ... Chevy did with its Tahoe campaign. The user generated advertisement contest resulted in 629,000 visits to the micro-site and Tahoe sales took off.
  • 22% of US online buyers always read customer reviews before making a purchase. 43% of US online buyers read customer reviews at least most of the time before making a purchase.
  • Edelman research highlights that 28% of US online consumers took an action such as calling, speaking or e-mailing others based on what they read in a blog post. In Belgium that number is 43%.
  • According to the Magazine Publishers of America, the top 320 magazine websites received 67.5 million unique visitors per month representing 8.1% growth over the same period in 2006. Overall Internet traffic grew only 2.1%.

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