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Feb 8, 2008

NEWS: Local Search

Problems: Location coding, relevant content, selling to small merchants, inexpensive ad media.

Providers get a piece of ad income
by Eric Pfanner
Published: February 17, 2008

... Now three Internet providers in Britain have gotten together to try to grab a plump piece of online advertising for themselves. Last week, BT, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Media announced a deal with a company called Phorm, whose technology tracks Web users and serves them ads related to their interests.
AOL Deal with Citysearch to Boost Local Ads for Platform A - Feb 15, 2008
The deal expands Citysearch's content and ad reach while giving AOL access to a
local sales force and additional ad inventory for Platform A. - Relevance: 82%
What Drives Local Search Directories? - Jan 17, 2008
Technology? Content? Both...or something else? - Relevance: 81%
Mobile Marketing's Wild Years to Yield a Gold Rush - Jan 15, 2008
ABI Research survey suggests consumers and marketers are joining the wagon
train. - Relevance: 61%

Local Online Ad Sector Filled with Challenges, Promise in 2008 - Dec 26, 2007

The local online ad market remains a tough one to navigate, yet traditional media firms, Web pure-plays, IYPs, and others are up for the challenge. - Relevance: 84%
Google Adds to Local Ads - Dec 04, 2007

Placecast Offers Location-Based Targeting, with a Twist - Feb 13, 2008
Distance, temperature, or connectivity provides targeting details for Placecast-created ads.
Why Local Ads Aren't Coming Online - Jan 14, 2008
Blame it on creative production and a lack of online inventory.

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