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Mar 31, 2008

NEWS: Video Shows to Xbox, Enterprise to iPhone

Hollywood Producer Set to Make Shows for Xbox

LOS ANGELES — Microsoft, seeking to expand offerings on its Xbox 360 console, has reached an agreement with a company headed by Peter Safran, the veteran Hollywood producer and talent manager, to produce original shows for distribution on the system...

Speaking by telephone last week, Scott Nocas, global marketing manager for programming of the Xbox Live entertainment service, said he expected similar deals to follow. “We definitely look at this as the first of many,” said Mr. Nocas.

In an interview at his office in Los Angeles last week, Mr. Safran said his first round of programs would all be scripted, as opposed to reality shows, and would probably run under 10 minutes. He said he planned initially to focus on genres, like comedy and horror, that appeal to the Xbox 360 audience, which is heavily concentrated from the ages of 14 to 34, and tends to be more 

Mobility - Why IT Hates the iPhone
Corporate information-technology departments say the phone poses security risks. But they seem powerless to stop employees from using it.
In less than a year, the iPhone has won the hearts of users, who speak of the combination cellphone, Internet device and music player with reverence.

Indeed, the iPhone, which maker Apple Inc. says has captured 28% of the U.S. smart-phone market, seems to be loved by everyone -- everyone, that is, except those who work in corporate information-technology departments.

45 million iPhones sold by 2009, potential for millions more in China?

iphonsmallishThe prognostications for the iPhone have gone from bearish to bullish in a hurry. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today is reiterating the prediction made in June 2007 that Apple would sell 45 million iPhones in 2009.

Aside from throwing out the lofty number once again, Munster lays out the rationale behind his thinking today. He believes that Apple will:

  • Release a new 3G iPhone within the next 3 to 6 months (our coverage)
  • Come out with a lower-priced iPhone model around $200 to $300
  • Enter new crucial new markets (presumably places like Canada and India)
  • Add new features to the device such as games and remote purchasing (our coverage)

Munster’s data charts (below) are even more interesting. Using the sales trends that were seen with the iPod, he extrapolates out numbers that show a massive surge in sales starting at the end of this year and continuing well into 2009.

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