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Apr 4, 2008

NEWS: Adobe Gears Up Ad Supported Video Service

Adobe Gears Up Ad Supported Video Service

Adobe is starting public trials of its ad-supported video service with CBS and MTV as partners, Reuters reports. Adobe didn't tell Reuters much about it, other than it will be delivered via the Adobe Media Player, which was released in beta form in September; a final version is scheduled for the second half of 2008.

The Flash-based software allows viewers to watch shows while not connected to the Internet. Shows are downloaded in encrypted form along with advertising, via RSS-like video feeds. At the time of the beta release last year, Adobe said it had content deals with CBS (CBS), Yahoo Video (YHOO), PBS and blipTV.

How William Morris and other Hollywood agencies are getting into tech startups and investing

wma040408.pngAll manner of Hollywood businesses are looking at how they can make themselves profitable online. The future isn’t clear for stalwarts like the larger music labels and movie studios. But there are other power players in the media who are making moves. In particular it’s worth looking at the role that Hollywood talent agencies are starting to play in connecting technology companies with the media and advertising industries...

Another big rival agency, International Creative Management (ICM) is also reportedly looking at building technology and investment relationships. Interestingly, ICM’s chief executive, Jeff Berg, has been on enterprise software company Oracle’s board of directors for a decade and has been talking with his tech-world contacts about how is company can work closer with them...

The last of the big four, United Talent Agency (UTA), is meanwhile playing more of an incubator role with online TV firm 60 Frames, and others.

Fox Interactive Media Creates Advertising Network

Los Angeles-based Fox Interactive Media said late Thursday evening that it has created a new advertising network, focused on its own web sites and third party publishers. According to FIM, the new unit, Fox Interactive Media Audience Network, will be headed by Adam Bain, formerly the firm's EVP of Technology and Production. The new unit will be based out of Santa MOnica. According to FIM, the new unit will combine its advertising technology, ad operaitons, and performance sales efforts; the unit will sell performance-based ads for Fox Interactive Media--including MySpace.com--and third party sites. FIM said that it will also continue to work with third party ad networks to sell its advertising inventory. Bain joined Fox Interactive Media from the firm's acquisition of yield optimization firm Strategic Data Corporation in 2007. 

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