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Jul 10, 2008

iPhone App Store Has Launched

Ed: Hot conversation for summer 2008.

iPhone App Store Has Launched (Updated)

from TechCrunch by 

Update: The iPhone 2.0 software is now available.

Apple’s iPhone App Store is now live, several hours ahead of its rumored 9 am PST launch. To access it, download iTunes 7.7 here. Once iTunes has upgraded, you can access the App Storehere...

Apple’s Latest Opens a Developers’ Playground
from NYT > Technology
The App Store for iPhone software is the first step in an attempt to dominate the next generation of computing.

MobileMe now live, ready for you

from Engadget by 

Hello MobileMe, goodbye .Mac (and good riddance). Apple's synchronization and web application solution for your Macs, PCs, iPod touch or iPhone is now live. Push eMail, push contacts, and push calendar and a new suite of web applications are now yours for the taking. You know, after you hand over $99 for the first year or $149 for a one-year family subscription...

Apple Hopes Cheaper IPhone 3G Will Broaden Market

Apple is launching the speedier iPhone 3G at reduced prices with hopes of making it a ubiquitous mobile device...

Apple: Dominating the U.S. Touch Screen Phone Market

So, this isn't a huge revelation, but it does confirm what you probably already suspected: Apple (AAPL) dominates the U.S. market for touch-screen mobile phones. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple will sell 6.3 million iPhones in the U.S. in 2008, or about 35 percent of the touch-screen phone market...

RIM's iPhone-Killer BlackBerry Thunder 'Nowhere Near' Ready, Trouble For Verizon?

Verizon Wireless is counting on a touchscreen BlackBerry from Research In Motion -- code-named "Thunder" -- to help it compete against archrival AT&T, which is Apple's exclusive U.S. carrier partner for the new iPhone 3G. Here's hoping things get worked out, fast: Mobile blog Boy Genius Report says Thunder is "nowhere near being able to enter production," citing a source who, the site claims, works for RIM (RIMM)...

IPhone Debuts to Lines in Japan

from Wired Top Stories 
They're lining up in Japan for Friday's debut of the iPhone 3G, but whether it will score with anyone beyond a niche crowd remains to be seen. It isn't clear how many phones will be available, fueling the hype. Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong are the other Asia-Pacific countries getting the new phone...

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