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Jul 9, 2008

Yahoo Problems, Problems, Problems

Formerly Apex, Now Formerly AMP: Yahoo Ad Program Needs Another Name

Yahoo's (NSDQ: YHOO) long-tested contextual ad and targeting service—initially dubbed Apex, then AMP last April—needs another name. ClickZ reported that because ad network operatorCollective Media unveiled its own AMP product (for Ad Management Platform) two weeks before Yahoo issued its name change, Yahoo agreed to drop its hold on the title.

On April 7, the same day that Yahoo announced AMP, Collective Media filed for a federal trademarkfor the name. That company had been using the name, but had not yet filed for trademark protection on it. Collective, which powers the New York Times-backed national newspaper alliancequadrantOne, did not return calls seeking comment. A Yahoo rep told us: "In the interest of creating a distinctive brand identity for Yahoo's unique platform and future roadmap, we will bring it to market with a new name—even though we believe we were justified in our use of the name AMP from Yahoo, we chose to enter into an agreement with Collective Media."

About 60 newspapers in the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium are beta testing an ad sales program based on DMA-targeted Yahoo inventory. This already allows members to aggregate inventory and gain a larger reach. Once the rechristened AMP is live, the transactions will be managed by that new platform.


The Tide Has Shifted: Microsoft adCenter Begins to Outpace Yahoo Search Marketing

First there was Goto.com (aka Overture.com) as the leader in PPC by advertiser spend. Then Google outpaced Overture. Overture was bought by Yahoo and Yahoo's Overture (now Panama) secured the second place in advertiser spend. Well, now, it seems like...

Yahoo Takes A Gander At Demand Media To Plug Some Holes

Demand Media, founded by former MySpace CEORichard Rosenblatt, has quietly grown into a pretty large business, with rumored revenues of around $250 million, and profitable. It just so happens that what Demand Media is good at - generating lots of advertising impressions and creating niche social networks for media sites, may be a perfect fit for at least some of what ails Yahoo...

Demand Media’s Richard Rosenblatt Speaks! (And Says He’s Not For Sale to Yahoo–For Now!)

 When I was in Los Angeles recently, I stopped by the Santa Monica offices of Demand Media, the network of social networking sites and apps maker, because of the rumors that I had heard swirling around that Yahoo was looking to purchase it for up to $2 billion. As it turned out, reports of that possibility were greatly exaggerated. In fact, Rosenblatt played down the idea of any Yahoo offer on the record, noting he was not interested in selling at this point anyway. And Yahoo sources confirm this and said that there has been no offer floated.

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