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Jul 8, 2008

NEWS: Jarvis: The end of SEO?

Jarvis: The end of SEO?

As Google gets better at providing more personalized results, the importance of Search Engine Optimization seems to decline, according to new media guru Jeff Jarvis.

SEO and Googlejuice (how far a website ranks in the search) might have been as important as a company's EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) in the past, but that may not be the case today.  

"What does that mean to brands? The world gets confusing once more. But I think it means that true relevance becomes more important than SEO tricks," said Jarvis.

The relationships between brands and people may become more important than spending resources on optimizing the rankings of news stories.

"It also means that the more relationships you have with people -- the more they talk about you and link to you and click on you -- the better off you will be," Jarvis said.

The end of SEO?

from BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis

Google is trying to get better and better at anticipating what we’re looking for whenever we search; that’s what Marissa Mayer has said. They have been making better use of geography, not just sensing our country and language but now asking us to say where we are so it can give us local results. Since last year, it has been using our search history, if we allow, to improve our searches. The universal search tries to freshen up results with news, multimedia, and more, and I sense that the algorithm is giving more weight to currency...

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