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Jul 7, 2008

NEWS: Plus ça change - Slow Weekends for Blogs

Plus ça change

Holiday weekends, especially the ones that bracket the summer months, tend to be stress tests for the tech media. With the proliferation of smart phones, social media aggregators, and of course the Twitter clonestakes, it’s now trivial to get a snapshot of what is going on throughout the “time off.”

Is nothing going on? Has the TechMeme conversation dried up, as Robert Scoble entertaininglybaits? Are FriendFeed conversations more viral and link-inducing? Of course. There’s nothing like a few days off to cull the herd and make it achingly clear how parochial the “news” can become. But let’s use the quiet after the cherry bombs subside to measure how far or not we’ve come...

Google AdSense Earnings Take a Plunge on July 4th Weekend

The holiday weekend has come and gone, and most people have taken vacations with their families. The last thing many people do is sit at their computer and make purchases or surf the web. As every addicted Google AdSense publisher...

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