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Sep 20, 2008

AdNet Weekend

ABC News
Economic Meltdown Returns Initiative to Obama in Polling
Buzzle, CA - Sep 17, 2008
Barack Obama and John McCain spent millions of dollars yesterday in an unprecedentedadvertising spree selling their economic messages, as the first opinion ...
Video: Obama: US in 'Serious Financial Crisis' AssociatedPress
White House race focuses on finance crisis Hindu
Campaign for America's Future Co-Director Roger Hickey Available ...
MarketWatch - Sep 18, 2008
A decade ago he was one of the founders of the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank that looks at economics from the point of view of working ...

Google's chief economist argues for Yahoo ad pact
Los Angeles Times, CA - Sep 16, 2008
He also weighed in when Wall Street feared Google would suffer in the economic downturn. Google says the search advertising pact, announced in June after ...
Google's economist defends Yahoo ad pact MarketWatch
Google dons armor, readies for regulatory fight over ad deal Ars Technica YHOO - GOOG

The Associated Press
Analysis: Crises put spotlight on Obama, McCain
The Associated Press - 6 hours ago
Their responses and postures may tell voters more about how they would act if elected than allegations of lies in advertising and quips about lipstick on ...
Trade Liberalization Continuing Despite Doha Impasse
Heritage.org, DC - 3 hours ago
By interfering with comparative advantage, trade restrictions impede economic growth. Also, tariffs hurt domestic consumers by raising prices. ...
Economic Thought vs. Business Thought and the Shortcomings of Both
Amateur Economists, HI - Sep 18, 2008
It ties in very nicely with the focus of economics. What, if any, is the interrelation betweeneconomic and business thought? In its most basic form, ...
Look up, Calgary! Edmonton is the new powerhouse
Business Edge, Canada - 19 hours ago
(Ron Gilbertson is president and CEO of the Edmonton Economic Development Corp. He has an MA in economics from the University of Manitoba.)
Google's Antitrust Trouble
BusinessWeek - Sep 15, 2008
Regulators across the country are stepping up their scrutiny of Google's role in the market for online advertising, and antitrust experts say they've got ...
Talking of Microsoft, Thinking of Google Wired News  GOOG - MSFT - YHOO
Economists paint picture of what Gaston, Charlotte region, needs ...
Gaston Gazette, NC - 8 hours ago
Charlotte banks seem nationally dominant, but they're operating in dangerous waters of acquisition fever and international economics...

Washington Post
'Battle in Seattle's' Overt Mission
Washington Post, United States - 16 hours ago
But the movie also presents itself as character-driven drama, and this is false advertising. There are too many characters for us to get a firm grasp on any ...

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