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Sep 18, 2008

Use Powerpoint and Google Docs for Exitmericals

The tEarn exitmercial allows full page advertising. This ad can be a multi-slide Powerpoint presentation. When uploaded to Google Docs, your Powerpoint becomes your ad. Here are the step by step instructions.

Preparing a Presentation

Use Powerpoint on a PC or Mac to prepare your slide deck. tEarn does not limit the number of slides in a deck, but readers may not have the patience to see long presentations.

Normal rules for presentations apply. Consult the vast resources on the Internet for preparing an effective presentation.

Uploading to the Internet

To upload to Google Docs, goto http://docs.google.com/.
  • From the New menu, choose Import  Presentation.
  • On the dialog, click the Choose File button to select your Powerpoint from your PC.
  • Use the Upload button to upload your presentation to Google's servers.
Publish the Presentation as an Ad
  • After correcting any upload errors, click the Publish tab at the top right. 
  • At the end of the publish process, Google Docs gives you a tag for your presentation. Copy this iframe HTML tag to the clipboard.
  • Paste this tag into your ad at http://ady.tEarn.com/ad/tpages.aspx?ID=45.
Preview your ad before committing payment via Paypal.

If you have problems, post in comments below.

Slideshows 2.0 (full)

Written by Sarah Perez / October 7, 2008 5:50 AM 

When it comes to presentations, typical slideshows have gotten a bad reputation for being dull and dry. That doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Thanks to Web 2.0 tools and applications, you can bring pizzazz to your presentations like never before. Whether you're looking for an "un-slideshow" altogether or just looking to add a little kick to the boring charts and graphs in your PowerPoint, you can find something here that fits your needs as we introduce you to Slideshows 2.0.

There are tons of slideshow apps designed for sharing your photos on social networks and blogs. For example, SlideRock YouFilmLoop, and Flickr's new slideshow tool come to mind. While those are great for casual use, they're designed for blogs and profiles, not the boardroom. However, there are plenty of apps out there that let you get creative even when you're presenting for your business colleagues.

Great article pointing to more slideshow tools that can used for creating exitmercials. SlideRocket, WebSlides, Agglom, Flowgram, Animoto, SlideShare, and more... Post your experience with these products in the comments below.

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