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Sep 16, 2008

New Media: The Problem is Monetization, The Solution is $50.00+ eCPM, Part 2

Exitmercials for $50+ eCPM

Embedded ads - like Google AdSense, Yahoo banners, or video spots - have failed to generate high eCPM for publishers. According to Techcrunch,  embedded ads cluttered on a page "serve neither advertisers or publishers."

tEarn introduces a new model to support publishers - the exitmercial.
  • The tEarn exitmercial presents full page ads. 
  • The ads trigger on exit from a website.
  • The full page ads presents ONE advertiser at a time - engaging the reader's undivided attention. 
  • These ads can be video, interactive Flash, animated images, or any page of the advertiser's website.
  • Viewers opt into an adpack to interact with many, relevant ads.
Realizing High eCPM's for All Publishers

Why do exitmercials translate into high eCPM's?
  • Exit Rate - Readers eventually click a link on a page to exit a website. The natural rate is 15% or higher. When compared to AdSense CTR of fractional single-digit, this translates into a 50+ fold increases in eCPM.
  • Multiple Exits - If your site is a guide that directs readers to relevant resources, your exit clicks can be multiple exits per user. This translates into even higher exit rates.
  • AdPack - Some readers, such as leanback visitors, will engage with the exitmercial adpack. By viewing multiple ads per exit, your ad views per page increase dramatically. 
Combined, these factors multiple to eCPM's that are 50 or more folds higher than embedded advertising. It's simple arithmetic that applies to all publishers.

Sustaining Higher eCPM's

As thousands of publishers join tEarn, does the model lead to oversupply and cause eCPM to drop? 


tEarn introduces a unique, patent-pending targeting method. Rather than invading the privacy of user behavior, tEarn analyzes the social graph of the publication. Here is how it works:
  • Publishers choose and join one of thousands of microchannels.
  • Channels can be regional, demographic, interest-based, or any segment that clearly define a group of like-kind reader.
  • Channels have a hierarchy where deep nodes automatically participate in the demand for advertising from the parent node. 
  • The social graph of the publication's exit links qualify the relevancy of the publication to the selected channel. 
  • Users visit. If they exit without clicking a link, they are unqualified and not served exitmercials. This applies to over 50% of the visitors at any website.
  • If they exit via a supplied link, users have been qualified as relevant to that channel. An adpack is delivered on exit.
Thus, thousands of channels separate the billion Internet users by interest. Limited supply in each microchannel improves eCPM. 

$50+ eCPM is not a cap. It's the starting rate.

More to Discuss

Over 50 innovations define the tEarn exitmercial network. To get started, sign up at http://tEarn.com/. It takes minutes to become a publisher or advertiser.

Stay tuned for more discussions.

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