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Apr 20, 2008

Confusion with AdNets - No Shortage of Conversation

Ed: WSJ to millions of blogs, lots of confusion relating to AdNets. 

No shortage of conversations - from Akron to China to London. No slight on Akron intended ;-)

Ad Networks, Confusion Grow on Web
All of those companies earned portions of their revenues through advertising networks. Microsoft's bid for Yahoo -- which has drawn AOL, News Corp. and ...

The business of brokering ads across clusters of Web sites has become one of the most popular -- and overcrowded -- niches on the Web. The result is a glut of networks competing with each other, confusing media buyers and guaranteeing that some sort of shakeout is inevitable....

Ed: WSJ is part of the Fox AdNet.

Collective Media: Niche ad networks may fare better
Advertising networks aren't going anywhere. Especially if the ad network is narrowly targeting for a niche audience. According to the recent 2008 Ad Network Survey 60% of marketers will utilize an ad network in 2008 compared to 40% in 2007.

by Kristina Knight

The survey found that marketers are using ad networks for both brand advertising and for direct marketing initiatives. Inventory quality and site transparency are important aspects in choosing the right network according to the survey...

There are problems to be worked out, however. The survey found that 62% of marketers feel there are too many advertising networks; about three-quarters of marketers work with only one or two networks during the course of a campaign. (Ed: no different from choosing magazines.)

According to a report from JP Morgan and comScore, $3 billion is expected to be spent through advertising networks. About $2 billion of that spend is expected to come from US marketers.

The future battle between ad networks and publishers…

Posted by Tom Foremski @ 1:48 am

Advertising networks get to charge a healthy cut of total advertising revenues. This is typically between 20 to 40 per cent but in many cases, especially with small publishers, it can be as much as 60 per cent.

That’s a healthy margin for the ad publishers. And that’s one reason I haven’t been a fan of advertising networks such as Google AdSense, FM Publishing, AdBrite, BlogAds, etc.

I’d rather not use them than sell my readers so cheaply.

The other reason I’m not that keen on advertising networks is that it is not a defensible business. Once publishers grow to a certain size they can sell their own advertising and run their own networks. ... (Ed: Efficient markets.)

Media networks battle online giants

Akron Beacon Journal - Akron,OH,USA
''We're pretty good at selling advertising, too.'' Smaller networks can offer advertisers a consistent audience on pre-approved sites, while giving those ...

UK Advertisers Shy From Social Networks
eMarketer - New York,NY,USA

“Advertising on social networks such as Facebook is extremely cheap,” said Mr. Gregoriadis, “which reflects the perceived value of display advertising on ...

Facebook vs Asia's Top Social Networks
By Richard MacManus 

Notably, QQ had 523 million USD in revenues in 2007 and 224 million operating profit, with only 13% coming from advertising! This is more than Facebook's total revenues. Moreover, Facebook was still losing money last year (and likely ...

Future of online advertising and ad networks

Merinews - New Delhi, India
As a result the online ad networks are happily keeping buoyant. THE MOMENTUM in online advertising is indicative of the growing confidence of the ...

eCPM for Your Site : Pubmatic Price Index
By Brian 
Pubmatic is one of the advertising optimization networks we mentioned before (Ad Optimization for Maximum Revenue). These networks are fantastic, you essentially can run advertising from multipleadvertising networks through them while ...
Why Google Only offers CPA program to limited Publishers
By egeem2 
Here we have one of the largest advertising networks in the world, and there standard method of operation is all CPC based. If you think about the model, Google is basically the publisher and the adnetwork...

TimesOnline: The Death of Google
By Axel Schultze(Axel Schultze) 
Consumers and corporate buyers alike not only ignore but avoid advertising - the producer still ramps up to catch at least some business. And still millions of VC $ flow into new advertising networks. But the day we realize that even by ...

Advertising for bloggers has to change
By Steven Hodson 
Thus were born the blogging networks and for them the advertising game changed because they were no longer reliant on Google to feed their growing bank accounts. In these cases ad networks came looking for them and deals were struck ... 

Ed: Yes, we need to simplify monetization.

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