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Apr 22, 2008

NEWS: Do or Die Week for Yahoo

Ed: Yahoo's turn on the podium.

Do Or Die Week For Yahoo

gun1.pngThis is it. Yahoo’s final week to negotiate with Microsoft, or find a better bid, before the proxy battle begins. The company has until Saturday to respond to Microsoft’s offer. A lot can still happen before then.

Yahoo announces earnings tomorrow, and the conference call should be a lively one. Yahoo will certainly be asked about its test with running Google ads on its search results, and about any counteroffers from Time Warner/AOL. We will be liveblogging the call here, starting at 2PM PT.

LIVE ANALYSIS: Yahoo Q1 Earnings (YHOO)

jerryyang2.jpgYahoo reports Tuesday after the close. We will be analyzing the release and call here. Please check back for summary analysis of the press release after 4PM / 1PM.

Conference Call
SAI Yahoo Financial Analysis


As we've noted, we expect revenue and EPS to be in the high end of the company's forecasted range. The company's sources confirmed this through the New York Post this morning, while also telling the market not to expect a blow-out:

Several sources close to Yahoo! said the company will not blow the lid off earnings, but will likely beat analysts' expectations of 9 cents a share and revenue estimates, excluding traffic acquisition costs, of $1.32 billion.

Translation: EPS will be $0.11-$0.12, versus the $0.09 consensus. Revenue will likely be $1.36-$1.37 billion, up 16% (versus the 12% projected)...

Yahoo Q1 Cheat Sheet, and the Microsoft Offer [Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed]

yhoo-cheatYahoo delivers earnings later today, so here is a quick cheat sheet of things to watch for. I will be on the quarterly call as well.

In general, I'm not buying Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's supposed price comments today, the Microsoft offer price isn't changing either way no matter what numbers Yahoo produces tonight. I remain steadfast that Microsoft can and should take a pragmatic approach and simply close discussions down by going to $31 cash, and dropping the equity component of the bid. Proving that it can bully Yahoo into taking a lower effective offer serves to effective purpose, other than convincing more Yahoo employees that they need to leave sooner rather than later.

Microsoft throws cold water on Yahoo earnings

Updated 8:45 a.m. PDT to include comments from Microsoft.

Microsoft just threw cold water on hopes that a better-than-average Yahoo earnings report Tuesday would likely yield a higher buyout bid for the Internet pioneer.

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, speaking in Morocco for the launch of the software ...

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