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Apr 23, 2008

River of AdNet Conversations

Torrent of conversation on advertising networks. Big, small... vertical, global... hundreds of niches.

Yahoo’s Starting Point: A Clearer Strategy
New York Times - United States
Many traditional media companies worry that the rise of advertising networks is undercutting their prices and turning their precious advertising space into ...

HealthCentral, IAC partner for new ad network
BizReport - USA
Advertising networks are an increasingly important part of the online ad-space for marketers.Advertising networks allow marketers to buy space across many ...

Six Apart Builds Blog Ad Network From Scratch
TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA

Ad networks are the flavor du jour for media companies looking to expand the reach of their current advertising. By aggregating similar content in one place ...

NBC Universal exec talks about going green
Reuters - USA

NBC Universal networks are celebrating "Green Week" by airing 100 hours of green-themed content this week, and "Green" will be sold as an advertising ...

Burst Media launches ad network for eco friendly sites
Bizjournals.com - Charlotte,NC,USA

Burst Media (LON: BRST), one of the largest online advertising networks in the country, is part of a growing movement to make the most of advertising in ...

The New York Times
MediaPost Publications - New York,USA

Why are ad networks thriving? Cheap, targeted advertising. Networks charge much lower CPMs (as low as $4) than giant Web portals like Yahoo and MSN ($40 and ...

Adap.tv Launches First Open and Universal Online Video Advertising ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA

"Adap.tv OneSource leverages the collective wisdom of all advertising sources, including all major ad networks, for the benefit of its customers and ...

Social Networks: The Latest, Greatest Recruitment Tool?
HR.BLR.com - USA

... sporting event and/or program advertising. Editor's note: The information above should not imply that Baby Boomers are not involved in social networks. ...

Consolidation to boost online ad market
VNUNet.com - UK

"After acquiring ad networks and ad servers to round out offerings, the near future of online advertising will look somewhat like pre-cable TV, ...

The 'Gold Rush" For Ad Nets is On; But Crowded Space Brings An End ...
Washington Post - United States

A prolonged economic downturn could turn out to be a upturn for advertising networks, at least in the short term. But, as the space gets more crowded with ...

Online advertising is not socially optimal..

This NY Times article dubs the buying of online advertising conglomerates by other companies such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, to be a “virtual arms race”. Based on the numerous transactions in recent [...]
Cornell Info 204 - Networks - http://expertvoices.nsdl.org/cornell-info204

Six Apart - Software, Services and Advertising?
By David Peralty 

The advertising part of their business will be managed by Adify, the same service that so many companies are using to roll their own advertising network out these days, including Forbes, and others. ...

A Shift in Media Will Bring a Shift in Advertising
By chris 

Many traditional media companies worry that the rise of advertising networks is undercutting their prices and turning their precious advertising space into a commodity to be traded like pork bellies. There may well be an opportunity for ...

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