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Apr 21, 2008

NEWS: Two Solutions That Could Take OpenID Mainstream

OpenID Usability: Two Solutions That Could Take OpenID Mainstream

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / April 21, 2008 11:43 AM / 4 Comments

There's big news in the OpenID world; new solutions are hitting the market that aim to solve probably the biggest problem the paradigm faces - usability.

JanRain, owners of MyOpenID.com, and ConfidentTechnologies are both making announcements that could help make OpenID much friendlier. Confident is the half of Vidoop that serves enterprise and financial institutions.

Rafe Needleman / Webware.com:
OpenID getting more usable, a tiny bit at a time  

Webware has been covering the Web authentication standard OpenID since September 2006.  It's a powerful alternative to traditional name-and-password Web access control, but it's so completely different from the sign-on methods that people 

MyOpenID for Your Domain - The Easiest Way to Use Your URL as an OpenID

myopenidlogo.jpgOpenID, a technology that allows users to sign in to new supporting websites through a single trusted ID provider of their choice, is notoriously hard for non-developers to implement and in many cases use. One of the biggest challenges may have been eliminated, however, by the recent release of a new service called MyOpenID for Domains.

The service makes it remarkably easy for anyone to create OpenID accounts through their own domain, using the MyOpenID authentication service.

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