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Apr 22, 2008

NEWS: Photobucket Plays Catch Up To Flickr, Public API Released

Ed: Convergence of photo and video. Google has Youtube and Picasso. Yahoo has Video and Flickr. Fox has Myspace and Photobucket. Facebook is number 1 photo sharing site. AOL has legacy projects. 

What about music? Apple has iTunes for music, video, and photos - but not shared. 

Photobucket Plays Catch Up To Flickr, Public API Released

Photobucket, acquired by Fox Interactive Media in May 2007 for $300 million, is releasing their API to the public today and will allow third party developers to build photo/video storage and visualization to their applications. Adobe, AOL, FotoFlexer, Intercasting, RockYou, Slide and Snapvine are being announced as launch partners. API documentation is available at developer.photobucket.com.

Previously the API was released only to signed business development partners, and had limited functionality. Functionality includes log in via OAuth, album creation and editing, content uploading, content sharing via email, search and metadata access (tags, titles, descriptions, etc.).

Photobucket is also promoting third party services on their API, at gallery.photobucket.com.

Flickr has had an API available since late 2005, with hundreds of third party applications built on the base service.

Photobucket plans to release an API on Tuesday that will allow external developers to create applications that include content...

MySpace Snubs Fox, Gives Space To NBC News

myspace_4-21.jpgHere's one very odd marriage: News Corp's MySpace ispartnering with NBC News, and not corporate sibling Fox News, for political coverage and analysis through the election. As of Tuesday, NBC News video with personalities like Brian WilliamsTim Russert and Chris Matthews took up prominent placement on MySpace's Decision '08 political news section, and got their own MySpace pages.

So, why isn't MySpace partnering with its News Corp. (NWS) corporate cousins over at Fox News, or the WSJ, for that matter? 'We work with companies that are in family and out of family all the time,' Lee Brenner, executive producer of political programming at MySpace, told the Hollywood Reporter.

The deal includes video from the MSNBC cable news channel, though no sign yet of Keith Olbermann, who made a name for himself bashing FNC's Bill O'Reilly. The MySpace-NBC deal is similar to the ABC News-Facebook partnership struck last fall

Sony BMG joins Nokia's unlimited music service

Nokia customers get access to any Sony BMG song for a year, and they get to keep the songs forever. Is this the music model of the future?

Nokia Signs Sony BMG for Free Music Offering

Nokia will offer free 12-month access to music from artists of Sony BMG to buyers of its particular music phones, the cellphone maker said.

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