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Apr 21, 2008

HOW-TO: Submit RSS Feeds at LinkedIn - Coming Soon!

LinkedIn News: Submit RSS Feeds!
Eishay Smith Apr 18, 2008
Jen Granito

Jen Granito - LinkedInEishay Smith, Sr. Software Engineer at LinkedIn

...Today, Eishay and I would like to announce a couple more changes to the LinkedIn News experience that we have started rolling out from today. ...

LinkedIn News always had this healthy mix of traditional media articles as well as blogosphere feeds. Starting this week, you should start seeing content from RSS feeds of blogs you have mentioned in your public LinkedIn Profiles.

How can I include my blog as LinkedIn News content?

Add those links to the "Website" section within your LinkedIn Profile and make it public. Here are the two simple steps to do exactly that:

1. "Edit my Profile" within the "Profile" tab

"Edit my profile" on LinkedIn

2. Edit "Websites" under "Additional Information" by adding your blog details

Edit "Websites" or Blogs information on LinkedIn

Ed: Another canal to direct your blog feed to circles of friends. Similar to Facebook, MyBlogLog, Tumblr. Myspace has it's own pathetic blog. No import feature.

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